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Tim Hardin - Tim Hardin 2 Front Cover

Tim Hardin 2 - Front Cover Tim Hardin 2 - Back Tim Hardin 2 - Disc 1 Tim Hardin 2 - Disc 2

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Tim Hardin

Tim Hardin 2

Original Release: 1967


This Stereo version of “Tim Hardin 1” has been digitally remastered from the original master tapes by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archive and the artwork has been loving restored by Phil Smee at Waldo’s Design and Dream Emporium.

Pressed on 180grm vinyl, each copy comes with a Digital Download voucher.

“Tim Hardin 2” contains several of Tim’s signature tunes including, “If I Were A Carpenter”, “Black Sheep Boy” and “The Lady Came From Baltimore”.

Despite not scoring a hit with any of the songs from Tim Hardin 2 “If I Were A Carpenter” provided hit singles for Bobby Darin, The Four Tops and Robert Plant.

Side one

  1. If I Were A Carpenter (02:41)
  2. Red Balloon (02:37)
  3. Black Sheep Boy (01:58)
  4. The Lady Came From Baltimore (01:49)
  5. Baby Close Its Eyes)

Side two

  1. You Upset The Grace of Living When You Lie (01:47)
  2. Speak Like A Child (03:15)
  3. See Where You Are And Get Out (01:12)
  4. It’s Hard To Believe In Love For Long (02:17)
  5. Tribute To Hank Williams (03:10)

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