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Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Front Cover

Jailbreak - Front Cover Jailbreak - Back Cover Jailbreak - Inside

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Thin Lizzy


Original Release: 1976


Lizzy’s sixth album was the Irish rocker’s 1976 major commercial international breakthrough, providing their first (and biggest) hit in the States with the anthemic ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’. This, their third LP for Vertigo records, was also the third to feature the classic line-up of founder member Brian Downey on drums, the duel lead guitars of American guitarist Scott Gorham and Scotsman Brian Robertson, completed by singer, bass guitarist and poet Phil Lynott. As one of Lizzy’s most consistent records, the album starts with the single and title track ‘Jailbreak’, followed by the funky ‘Angel From The Coast’; it’s an album that veers from macho hard rock to more romantic, Van Morrison-esque ballads, closing with the celtic epic ‘Emerald’. In 1976, the year that punk rock was meant to have swept everyone else aside, the NME made Jailbreak their Album Of The Year.

Side 1

  1. Jailbreak (4:00)
  2. Angel From The Coast (3:03)
  3. Running Back (3:13)
  4. Romeo And The Lonely Girl (3:54)
  5. Warriors (4:08)

Side 2

  1. The Boys Are Back In Town (4:27)
  2. Fight Or Fall (3:46)
  3. Cowboy Song (5:15)
  4. Emerald (4:06)

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