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The Thelonious Monk Orchestra - At Town Hall Front Cover

At Town Hall - Front At Town Hall - Back At Town Hall - Side 1 At Town Hall - Side 2

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The Thelonious Monk Orchestra

At Town Hall

Original Release: 1959


A rarity  in pianist Thelonious Monk's recorded output, At Town Hall captures the idiosyncratic genius in concert with a large ensemble featuring a star-studded cast, including trumpeter Donald Byrd, trombonist Eddie Bert, altoist Phil Woods, tenor saxophonist Charlie Rouse, and baritonist Pepper Adams, among others.  The 1959 Town Hall concert was a major success and one of only two recorded performances of Monk in a large group setting. Highlights include original arrangements by Hall Overton and Monk’s stylish, impressionistic soloing throughout.

Side 1

  1. Thelonious (00:58)
  2. Friday The 13th (09:28)
  3. Monk's Mood (10:20)

Side 2

  1. Little Roootie Tootie (08:81)
  2. Off Minor (07:51)
  3. Crepescile With Nellie (04:50)

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