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The Jayhawks - Tomorrow the Green Grass Front Cover

Tomorrow the Green Grass - Front

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The Jayhawks

Tomorrow the Green Grass

Original Release: 1995


Tomorrow The Green Grass is an album by the American alt-country and alt-rock band The Jayhawks, released in 1995. Tomorrow the Green Grass was the last release with singer-songwriter Mark Olson. It is also Karen Grotberg's first appearance as a group member.

"Miss Williams' Guitar" is a tribute to Victoria Williams, Olson's girlfriend at the time (they later married). He would later leave The Jayhawks and form The Original Harmony Ridge Creekdippers with Williams. The song "Bad Time" is a cover of a Grand Funk Railroad song from All the Girls in the World Beware!

Side 1

  1. Blue (03:09)
  2. I'd Run Away (03:34)
  3. Miss Williams' Guitar (03:06)
  4. Two Hearts (03:22)
  5. Real Light (03:25)
  6. Over My Shoulder (03:41)
  7. Bad Time (03:27)

Side 2

  1. See Him On The Street (03:09)
  2. Nothing Left To Borrow (03:24)
  3. Ann Jane (04:00)
  4. Pray For Me (03:39)
  5. Red's Song (03:58)
  6. Ten Little Kids (04:33)

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