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The Jayhawks - Sound of Lies Front Cover

Sound of Lies - Front

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The Jayhawks

Sound of Lies

Original Release: 1997


Sound of Lies is a 1997 album released by The Jayhawks. It peaked at #112 on the Billboard 200. With the departure of Mark Olson, Gary Louris becomes the principal songwriter for Sound of Lies with an occasional co-write with bassist Marc Perlman. New drummer Tim O'Reagan also contributes "Bottomless Cup".

Side 1

  1. The Man Who Loved Life (05:00)
  2. Think About It (05:37)
  3. Trouble (04:50)
  4. It's Up To You (03:38)
  5. Stick In The Mud (03:34)
  6. Big Star (04:25)

Side 2

  1. Poor Little Fish (03:56)
  2. Sixteen Down (05:23)
  3. Haywire (05:21)
  4. Dying On The Vine (05:52)
  5. Bottomless Cup (04:14)
  6. Sound Of Lies (03:56)

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