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Sonny Rollins - Freedom Suite Front Cover

Freedom Suite - Front Freedom Suite - Back Freedom Suite - Side 1 Freedom Suite - Side 2

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Sonny Rollins

Freedom Suite

Original Release: 1958


With 15 albums under his belt, Sonny Rollins was poised to make a bold statement with 1958’s Freedom Suite. Sporting a Mohawk haircut on the inside cover, Rollins was driven by the political climate at the time, acknowledging and questioning his place in society as an African American in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. In the nearly 20-minute long title track, comprised of five movements, Rollins and his longtime collaborators — drummer Max Roach and bassist Oscar Pettiford — were able to dig deep and explore the melodic structure. Side B is comprised of four Broadway showtunes and standards, which Rollins, Roach and Pettiford make their own. An inspired and vibrant boundary-pushing album.

Side 1

  1. The Freedom Suite (19:29)

Side 2

  1. Someday I'll Find You (04:37)
  2. Will You Still Be Mine? (02:58)
  3. Till There was You (04:59)
  4. Shadow Waltz (04:14)

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