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Shirley Collins & Davy Graham - Folk Roots, New Routes Front Cover

Folk Roots, New Routes - Front Cover Folk Roots, New Routes - Back Folk Roots, New Routes - Disc 1 Folk Roots, New Routes - Disc 2

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Shirley Collins & Davy Graham

Folk Roots, New Routes

Original Release: 1964


Shirley Collins and Davy Graham’s collaboration from 1964, “Folk Roots, New Routes” has been remastered from the original analogue master tapes by Paschal Byrne at The Audio Archive, London. The artwork has been restored by Phil Smee at Waldo’s Design and Dream Emporium, St Albans.

Davy Graham, an English singer and guitarist revolutionised folk guitar playing in the 1960s when he invented a modal tuning style which drew on Jazz and Improvisational influences with traces of Indian and Arabic textures. Shirley Collins is considered by many as Folk royalty due to her prodigious output. She’s just celebrated her 79 birthday and continues to perform and play live to this day.

This D2C Exclusive is a Numbered Limited Edition of 500 units and each copy comes with a free digital download code.

Side one

  1. Nottamun Town (03:40)
  2. Proud Maisrie (04:03)
  3. The Cherry Tree Carol (03:21)
  4. Blue Monk (03:06)
  5. Hares On The Mountain (02:59)
  6. Reynardine (02:30)
  7. Pretty Saro (04:18)
  8. Rif Mountain (02:26)

Side two

  1. Jane, Jane (02:42)
  2. Love Is Pleasin’ (02:34)
  3. Boll Weevil, Holler (03:00)
  4. Hori Horo (02:14)
  5. Bad Girl (02:43)
  6. Lord Gregory (03:36)
  7. Grooveyard (03:03)
  8. Dearest Dear (03:02)

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