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Rush - Fly by Night Front Cover

Fly by Night - Front Cover

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Fly by Night

Original Release: 1975


This 1975 release was the first to feature drummer Neil Peart, who also became the band’s lyricist. The singles included the title track and “Making Memories,” reaching #113 on the Billboard chart, and going platinum in both the U.S. and Canada.

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Side one

  1. Anthem (04:27)
  2. Best I Can (03:24)
  3. Beneath, Between & Behind (03:05)
  4. By-Tor & The Snow Dog: I. At the Tobes of Hades / II. Across the Styx / III. Of the Battle / IV. Epilogue (08:39)

Side two

  1. Fly by Night (03:23)
  2. Making Memories (02:56)
  3. Rivendell (04:59)
  4. In the End (06:49)

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