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Rob Zombie - Educated Horses Picture Disc Front Cover

Educated Horses Picture Disc - Side 1 Educated Horses Picture Disc - Side 2

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Rob Zombie

Educated Horses Picture Disc

Original Release: 2006


"Educated Horses is the third album by Rob Zombie, released on March 28, 2006. A streaming "listening party" was held on MP3.com starting March 22, 2006, which caused advance copies to spread throughout P2P software programs.

In response to questions about what the album's title means, Rob Zombie said:"

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Side 1

  1. Sawdust In The Blood (01:22)
  2. American Witch (03:47)
  3. Foxy, Foxy (03:28)
  4. Seventeen Years Locust (04:06)
  5. The Scorpion Sleeps (03:38)
  6. 100 Ways (01:53)

Side 2

  1. Let It All Bleed Out (04:09)
  2. Death Of It All (04:22)
  3. Ride (03:32)
  4. The Devil's Rejects (03:54)
  5. Lords Of Salem (04:13)

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