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Richard "Groove" Holmes - Soul Message Front Cover

Soul Message - Front Soul Message - Back Soul Message - Side 1 Soul Message - Side 2

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Richard "Groove" Holmes

Soul Message

Original Release: 1965


A successful combination of swinging boogaloo rhythms and sincere, soulful soloing, Soul Message is an enduring good-time record and a true gem in organist Richard “Groove” Holmes’ illustrious career. Recorded in 1965 at the Van Gelder Studio in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, this set more than lives up to “Groove’s” middle name as the combo of Holmes, guitarist Gene Edwards, and drummer Jimmie Smith swing with carefree ease through two originals and four jazz standbys, including a smash hit version of “Misty.”

Side 1

  1. Groove's Groove (07:05)
  2. Dahound (05:42)
  3. Misty (06:00)

Side 2

  1. Song For My Father (06:07)
  2. The Things We Did Last Summer (00:00)
  3. Soul Message (03:29)

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