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Megadeth - Youthanasia Front Cover

Youthanasia - Front Youthanasia - Disc

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Original Release: 1994


"Youthanasia is the sixth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth, released on November 1, 1994 through Capitol Records. The album is not a large stylistic departure from the band's earlier recordings; however it marked the continuing evolution of Megadeth, following the footsteps of the previous album Countdown to Extinction (1992). The album's title is a play on words, implying that society is euthanizing its youth. The cover art features an elderly woman hanging babies by their feet on a seemingly endless clothesline; the artwork concept was directly inspired from a line of the title track."

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Side 1

  1. Reckoning Day (04:35)
  2. Train Of Consequences (03:29)
  3. Addicted To Chaos (05:26)
  4. A Tout Le Monde (04:28)
  5. Elysian Fields (04:04)
  6. The Killing Road (03:58)

Side 2

  1. Blood Of Heroes (03:58)
  2. Family Tree (04:07)
  3. Youthanasia (04:10)
  4. I Thought I Knew It All (03:45)
  5. Black Curtains (03:39)
  6. Victory (04:27)

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